North Country Christian Formation

The name North Country Christian Formation reflects our geographical location – in the mountains of New Hampshire – and our ministry goal – to help people work through difficult situations while being formed more in the likeness of Jesus. 

Biblical Care

Biblical Care is the process of inviting someone into the messiness of your life. Whatever your struggle, you are not alone! 

The God of the universe, the God who created you, is willing to walk through your struggles with you, and His people are willing to act as His hands and feet during this time of need. 


NCCF is committed to working alongside church leadership to provide the best care possible for congregations and communities. Whether you are a pastor, elder, or small group leader, scheduling time to discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions can help you as you invest in your ministry. 

This may look like a one-time meeting or a regular time of checking in on progress. You may even want to ask for your ministry to be observed “in action” ahead of your meeting so that a fuller picture can be seen.


We are available to speak on a variety of topics related to walking with people through difficult situations while being formed more in the likeness of Jesus.

Whether speaking to individuals or leaders in the church, we bring a distinctly Biblical perspective that addresses modern day challenges, answering tough questions, and encouraging heart-level change.

“Matt has a sharp and compassionate mind for the suffering and struggles of life. He also wields a unique ability to navigate particularly challenging situations with patience and clarity. It’s uncommon for a person both to display leadership skills and sensitive pastoral care in a diversity of settings. But Matt does these naturally. He makes vital contributions in personal ministry of the word as well as in organizational settings.” – Aaron Sironi, CCEF Faculty

“Matt is gifted in both compassion and administration—a double blessing that will allow him to serve well in pastoral ministry. He meets people where they are, but is creative and enthusiastic about pointing them to Jesus in the ups-and-downs of life. Matt also has integrity; he shows a consistent faithfulness across various engagements with people. Most importantly, Matt has a vibrant relationship with the Lord that impacts every aspect of his life and the care that he provides to others.” – Cecelia Bernhardt, CCEF Faculty

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