Endorsing Churches

Endorsing Churches are in agreement with our model of care and refer congregants to NCCF for care as the need arises.

Centerpoint Church – Concord, NH

Christ Community ChurchWeare, NH

Countryside Community Church – Contoocook, NH

Faith Community Bible ChurchLoudon, NH

Restoration Foursquare Church – Concord, NH

Trinity Bible Church, South Sutton, NH

Personal Endorsements

“God used Matt to radically heal my hurt, ignite my heart, and transform my home. I wanted a sledgehammer approach initially — but Matt showed wisdom and patience in his care, digging a bit deeper each session and turning me to the Truth every step of the way. He cares deeply and listens intently, which is only part of why he is such a gifted and skilled care provider.”

My story isn’t about any visible change; most people did not see anything different at first. Little by little though I allowed myself to be led by the Holy Spirit. From a woman who never understood how serious the things that happened in my twenties and even younger were, how profoundly they would affect the rest of my life, I began to mature, to realize that sometimes we must face the past in order to be free.

NCCF has a genuine desire to help others regardless of circumstances, beliefs, or backgrounds. This has proven to be true. I trust that we will continue to grow in love because of NCCF. To say that we are grateful is an understatement.

I was lost in everyone’s expectations, criticisms, belittling, demands for my time and efforts. Mother, child, wife, employee, even church goer. All kinds of people in my life expecting a myriad of things. Some unkind, some abusive, some just clueless. I felt like a juggler, keeping a dozen plates spinning. Through my time at NCCF, God has started repairing an identity that was lost in the shuffle of life. 

You helped me sort through the things in my past that I had been running from and trying to forget. This led me to be able to have true growth.