What type of consulting do you provide?

NCCF is committed to working alongside church leadership to provide the best care possible for congregations and communities. Whether you are a pastor, elder, or small group leader, scheduling time to discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions can help you as you invest in your ministry. 

This may look like a one-time meeting or a regular time of checking in on progress. You may even want to ask for your ministry to be observed “in action” ahead of your meeting so that a fuller picture can be seen.

What can I expect from a consulting relationship?

Consulting involves beginning a new relationship. It may take a little while to get to know you and your ministry’s specific needs as well as its strengths and areas of growth before momentum builds and progress is made. 

Consulting is interactive and dynamic, and the progress made will depend in large measure upon your investment in the process. You should feel free to ask questions to help you understand why certain recommendations have been made as we progress through the experience together. 

The process begins first by clearly defining the problem(s) and then discussing your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, understanding the origin of the difficulty, understanding why certain measures have or have not worked in the past and developing new skills and approaches to your particular ministry, as well as clearly defining what growth and success would look like.

What is the financial obligation?

Churches who benefit from utilizing NCCF’s consulting services are asked to contribute $100 per consulting hour in order to further the work of NCCF.